It all started with a trip to Ethiopia

The story of Entoto Gear is the story of a journey across the globe and up a mountain, where heavy burdens rest on the shoulders of strong women.

During a winter mission trip to Ethiopia in 2014, Nakisha Guzman had the opportunity to bring hope and love to orphans, widows, and disabled children in need.  And a few months later, her husband, Ray and daughter, Victoria took the same journey.

Upon returning, the family began to…

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Women of all ages carry huge loads of eucalyptus down the mountainside because it is the only form of employment available to them.

Women living in dire conditions

The women of Entoto Mountain find themselves in a difficult position. Their reality takes place on a mountainside where they endure physically demanding work in order to simply survive.

Imagine a woman weighing roughly 120lbs carrying a load of wood weighing over 100 lbs on her back. The wood is bundled together with little more than fabric scraps, putting the burden of the work on their arms and backs.

While this work gives these women an opportunity to survive, it takes a severe physical toll on their bodies.

"It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it." – Lou Holtz

We want to change the situation

Although Ethiopia has recently posted strong economic growth, it has yet to translate into better opportunities for those most in need. That’s where Entoto Gear comes in.

In an effort to alleviate the burden of this strenuous work without taking away the much needed opportunity for employment that it provides, Entoto has set out to transform the way in which these heavy loads are carried.

The team at Entoto Gear has specially engineered backpacks that strategically distribute the weight of these loads, optimizing the use of the human form and major muscles. By shifting the burden of the weight onto the hips and legs, these loads feel 50% lighter and are significantly less harmful to the body.

We need your help!

Join our movement! Thus far, this entire effort has been self-funded. We have reached the point where we need help from others, perhaps YOU, to take Entoto Gear to the next level.

This means manufacturing the backpack so that we can test the prototypes and make any necessary adjustments before mass producing it. Assuming we are able to achieve or exceed our fundraising goal, we will use the proceeds to make Entoto Gear a reality.


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